Our Story

Our mission is to empower Australian brands with the best know-how, market intelligence and eCommerce tools to bring their products direct to the doorstep of every household in China.

– Alex Wang, Co-Founder & Digital Strategist

Who is One Billion Reasons?

One Billion Reasons is the consulting arm of Australia Mall Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based company that works in close partnership with premium Australian brands to deliver their products and services directly to customers in China and greater Asia.

Our customers are primarily middle / upper class consumers who seek a credible, streamlined and trustworthy shopping experience where they can obtain a straight-forward understanding of products, their benefits and effectiveness, and most-importantly, are ready to purchase.

We offer a suite of business solutions that align with Australian vendors to help them market and sell to these hungry audiences.

Our History

The company was founded by two Australian entrepreneurs who are passionate about health, fitness, and living a balanced lifestyle. Whilst they spent their childhood growing up in Australia, both Alexes share a common Chinese heritage with their extended family living in China.

With the rising demand for quality products, the Alexes would be asked by family members to recommend Australian brands for various ailments, and to source them directly into China. They quickly recognized this gap and in late 2015, decided to expand this service to the wider community across Mainland China.

Management Team

Alex Quan 关志雄

With a love of the outdoors, Alex is a passionate hiker having summited peaks around the globe like the YangMa Tai Mountain near Four Girls Mountain in Sichuan, China – the most recent of his conquests. Alex returned to his roots in 2011, relocating permanently from Australia to China to help expand a Solar Energy group. His previous work as a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, combined with the success of founding a popular Australian online retail store has driven his desire to now focus on making a positive difference in China.

Alex Wang 王博

Forever seeking new challenges and opportunities, Alex’s personal passions are bountiful and range from the grit of cycling to the beauty of photography. These personal passions also stretch out into business. He has a proven track record for driving innovation and commercialising digital businesses – both through his own eCommerce ventures and his technology development companies. Alex is also Chief Innovation Officer at Mono Apps, a startup accelerator. Born in China, and raised in Melbourne, Alex has a keen interest in China’s development.

Support Team